8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home for Under $200

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Interior design and home decor are having a moment.

Chip and Joanna are household names. The Houzz app is top-rated. Pinterest is flooded with DIY home decor ideas.

Even YouTube is getting in on the action with designers like Mr. Kate gaining international exposure for their creative design ideas.

Despite my love for interior design and home decor, I can’t see myself paying the amounts that some people are willing to pay for the stuff. I’m a saver at heart.

If you love the look of luxury design but hate the price tag, try upgrading your home with inexpensive DIY projects to get the look for less. (Tight budgets need love, too.)

Here are 8 hacks to take your home from basic to fabulous for under $200.

1. Get taller baseboards

Tall, chunky baseboards are everything. They instantly give a room character.

The downside, though, is that custom tall baseboards are ridiculously expensive. Changing out your baseboards can be as much as $3,500 depending on the type of wood you choose and whether you have a professional install it.

Luckily, Amy of The Idea Room came up with an inexpensive way to get the look of taller baseboards without completely replacing the old ones.

She added a thin piece of molding an inch above her existing baseboards.

Before (Image Credit: The Idea Room)

Then, she filled in the cracks with caulk and painted everything to give it a cohesive look. The results were AMAZING.

After (Image Credit: The Idea Room)

Genius way to get the look and feel of tall custom baseboards for less.

2. Paint the walls

Many houses are painted in the same shades of BORING. Standard white and beige paint colors can be so blah.

Never underestimate the power of a coat of paint. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade your home.

Paint can truly breathe new life into a room. From bold splashes of color to understated neutrals, a few coats of paint will dramatically change the look and feel of your home.

Try painting your walls a new color to instantly transform your space.

(Image Credit: HouseBeautiful)

3. Paint the doors

For people who are intimidated by color, dark wood finishes can be a great alternative. They add interest and instantly make a space feel more luxurious.

Black paint can give you a similar feel for a fraction of the cost.

Tiffany of Makeup By Tiffany D painted the doors in her foyer black, and the difference is breathtaking.

Before (Image Credit: Makeup By Tiffany D)


After (Image Credit: Makeup By Tiffany D)

The contrast of the black paint against the light walls instantly upgrades the space.

Great way to get a luxe look without the luxe price tag.

4. Paint the floor

Linoleum and vinyl flooring can make a home look dated.

If you have linoleum or vinyl floors, take heart! You aren’t stuck with the way they look.

Again, a can of paint is your savior. Try painting the floors in a cute, modern pattern or color.

Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body has an awesome tutorial for how to bring your dated floors into the 21st century.


The paint makes a world of difference. This looks like a completely different room.

5. Update your kitchen backsplash

Want to update your kitchen, but don’t have money for a full out renovation? Changing or adding a backsplash is an easy way to make a high-impact statement.

But wait…there are peel-and-stick backsplash options available that look just like regular tile to make it even easier and more cost effective. Whaaat?

(Image Credit: Smart Tiles)

Get the look with this similar option.

Be sure to choose a backsplash color that complements, rather than competes with, your existing countertops for a classy, cohesive look.

6. Replace cabinet hardware

Updating the knobs and handles in kitchens and bathrooms is an easy way to upgrade these rooms with minimal investment.

(Image Credit: Top Knobs)

There are knobs and handles to fit all styles, from traditional to modern.

Change standard builder-grade knobs to pretty acrylic ones, like these, for an instant glam look at a lower cost.

7. Frame the TV

Built-in entertainment centers to hide televisions are great, but they’re not always the most practical items.

Rather than buying a new furniture piece, save money by disguising your TV instead.

Adding a frame around the TV will make it blend in to look like part of the decor.

Be sure to choose a frame that fits in with your other accents. A non-matching frame would defeat the purpose. 🙂

8. Create a built-in

Built-ins are gorgeous. They are amazing places to display knickknacks, books, and other style pieces and can enhance the mood of a room.

They’re also crazy expensive.

Rather than paying thousands of dollars to have a custom built-in created for your home, try placing multiple tall bookshelves side-by-side to create the look of a custom built-in.

(Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens)

Add some molding to the top to bring everything together and make it look like a custom job!

Ready, set, go

These simple tips give you everything you need to transform your space without the luxury price tag.

If you try one (or all) of them, let me know what you think!

Which of these tips is your favorite? Do you have any other tips to upgrade your home on a budget?

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